Manage telegram communities,
with a personalised bot.

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Simple settings to monitor and manage your telegram community.

Achieve a clean and safe chat with a bot that looks as if you had developed it yourself.

  • Community management features powered by our engine.
  • Control your bot via our web portal.
  • Simple subscription model! Pay per chat/channel with unlimited members.

The Modr8 Bot Platform

Login to our platform and register your first bot!

Feature List

When you register a bot on our platform we give you out of the box chat management features that would take weeks of time and high effort to do yourself.

User Management

Track all user messages and interactions in your group, complete control over user management.

  • User Profiles & Analytics
  • User Reputation and Rankings
  • Mute, Warning & Ban System
  • Anti-bot & Fake User Check
  • Admin Verification

Chat Moderation & Content Filters

Any media or text sent to the telegram channel can be filtered, including building your own rules.

  • Media Filters: Games, Images, Locations, Voice, Stickers and Files
  • Keyword Filtering
  • Spam Protection
  • Restrict New Users
  • Profanity and Language Detection

Core Commands

A set of core commands available dependent on user access.

  • Auto list channel admins and staff
  • Silence group to allow admin only messages
  • Personalised welcome messages
  • Community reporting
  • Kicks, Bans, Mutes and Warning commands

If This Then That Actions

Trigger actions to execute against any chat or user event, completely personalising how your bot behaves.

  • Build custom responses to chat events and user properties
  • Create your own commands and random actions
  • Group or randomise the actions which execute
  • Send pictures, videos, messages and much more!


Build one off, scheduled or social triggered announcements!

  • Schedule an announcement for a given time or interval
  • Pre-load multiple announcements to send unique content each time.
  • Set intervals to continually post content.
  • Announce social posts from Youtube, Twitter and ZenDesk


Generate polls for user voting in your chat.

  • Issue native anonymous Telegram polls
  • Create your poll with multiple options
  • View poll results and historical votes from the website.
  • Close the poll at any time.


Use analytics to gain unique insights into your community.

  • View new user intake and busy hours
  • Message sentiment Analysis
  • View bot action timeline
  • Track warns and banned user frequency

Community Growth

Run growth campaigns with our referral module and allow users to build reputation with our reputation ranking system.

  • Increase community size with referral campaigns
  • View top referring users and see their influence network
  • Allow users to give eachother reputation
  • View top reputation ranks within your chat and user analytics.
  • No limit on the number of users managed by your bot

Platform Preview

Once you have registered your whitelabel bot with the platform we make it easy for you to control and configure its behaviours. The platform covers everything from user management and group analytics through to scheduled announcements into your chat or channel.


We offer tiered pricing for our platform including a 3 day free trial, but also offer a fully customised service if you want something different.

  • All tiers include unlimited users / subscribers to your chat or channel.
  • Use Modr8 for FREE in an announcement channel
  • Pay per chat, per month only for group chats

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