Manage telegram communities,
with a personalised bot.

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Simple settings to monitor and manage your telegram community.

Achieve a clean and safe chat with a bot that looks as if you had developed it yourself.

  • Community management features powered by our engine.
  • Control your bot via our web portal.
  • Simple subscription model! Pay per chat with unlimited members.

The Modr8 Bot Platform

Login to our platform and register your first bot!

Feature List

When you register a bot on our platform we give you out of the box chat management features that would take weeks of time and high effort to do yourself.

User Management

Track all user messages and interactions in your channel and gives you complete control over user management.

  • User Detail Lookup & Whitelisting
  • User reputation and ranking system
  • Warnings & Ban system
  • Human account verification & bot account removal
  • Silence user join and leave notifications

Content Filters

Any media or text sent to the telegram channel can be filtered, including removed completely.

  • Media Filters: Games, Images, Locations, Voice, Stickers and Files
  • Key-word detection
  • Web URL and Telegram group filtering
  • Crypto-currency address detection
  • Profanity and Non-English detection

Core Commands

A set of core commands available dependent on user access.

  • Auto list channel admins and staff
  • Mute channel to allow admin only messages
  • Personalised user welcome messages
  • Community driven message reporting
  • Admin validation checker

Your Commands

Build your own commands, completely personalised to your needs.

  • Add rich content including Images and HTML messages.
  • Define role based access control to each command
  • Provide custom command descriptions to improve user selctions
  • Simple to use command wizard walks you through the process


Build one off or scheduled chat announcements.

  • Send HTML and Image announements to your chat.
  • Schedule to execute at a set time.
  • Pre-load multiple announcements to send unique content each time.
  • Set intervals to continually post content.


Generate polls for user voting in your chat.

  • Issue native anonymouse Telegram polls
  • Create your poll with multiple options
  • View poll results and historical votes from the website.
  • Close the poll at any time.

Chat Analytics

Use analytics to gain unique insights into your community.

  • View new user intake and busy hours
  • Message sentiment Analysis
  • View bot action timeline
  • Track warns and banned user frequency

Bot Management

Unlike other services out there, you register a bot token with our platform so you dont hit API limits and can also create a tailored bot profile.

  • Your own bot, with your brand and profile (picture, description & about me).
  • Invite team members to help manage your group
  • Manage multiple groups and bots from the web platform
  • Activate and deactive your chat at any time
  • No user limits, no message limits, no chat or bot limits.

Platform Preview

Once you have registered your whitelabel bot with the platform we make it easy for you to control and configure its behaviours. The platform covers everything from telegram group analytics through to custom command creation to allow your bot to respond to user or admin commands in the chat.

Reference Clients

Modr8 moved out of its beta testing in February 2018 and has since had two major code base releases improving scalability and flexibility for customers. Some of our existing clients can be seen below, feel free to swipe through the list.


We offer tiered pricing for our platform including a 3 day free trial, but also offer a fully customised service if you want something different.

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